The Vampire Wish Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy Book Review

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Click HERE to win the vampire wish for free!

The Vampire Wish, the first book of the Dark World series by Michelle Madow, is a young adult paranormal fantasy novel about a human blood slave named Annika in the hidden vampire kingdom called the Vale. As a newly kidnapped blood slave, she has to be a quick learner so that she isn’t tossed out to the overgrown wolves roaming outside of the kingdom walls.

Things become even more difficult, or easier depending on how you look at it, when a vampire prince dressed as a human makes her acquaintance. He may be her only way out. Will she decide that she should fall in love with the enemy, and become a vampire herself? Or is it all in vein? Haha, in vein, see what I did there?

Annika is a spirited young woman who isn’t afraid to speak up against her captors, but she’s also smart and so she’s a formidable heroine. Our vampire prince is dealing with some of the growing pains of being a vampire, and there are several other strong characters that provide depth to the story.

The tale has many parallels to Aladdin, making it a very fun read. It currently has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, and the second and third books are also available on Amazon, with the fourth book just coming out this week.

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