The Third Kiss Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel Review

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Click HERE to win The Third Kiss For Free!

The Third Kiss, Love’s Mortal Coil Book One by Kat Colmer is a young adult paranormal romance novel with the right amount of fantasy to keep things interesting. It centers around an impulse kiss by a hookup hunk named Jonas, and the girl-next-door neighbor Cora. BTW, in case you’ve never kissed a good friend in a moment of idiotic momentary passion, it NEVER ends well.

In Cora’s case, she’s hunted by some really crazy demons that are sent to destroy the Eros Guardian Line which, surprise surprise, is what Jonas is a part of. Like I said, it never ends well.

Cora is a sensible but stubborn girl who can hold her own, which is a good thing. She’s gonna need it. Jonas is everything that Cora isn’t looking for in a guy, but we all know how that goes. The characters are well developed and have both inner demons to deal with, as well as the outer ones. Also the mythology is original and creative enough to keep you turning the pages.

Don’t expect this supernatural love story to be too steamy, it has a good balance between action and romance. It currently has a 4.4 out of five star rating on Amazon, and the second book in the series is expected to be a great continuation of the series.

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