The Scarlet Thread Young Adult Dark Fantasy Novel Review

Click HERE to win The Scarlet Thread for free!

Click HERE to win The Scarlet Thread for free!

The Scarlet Thread, Fated Destruction Book One, by D.S. Murphy is a young adult dark fantasy novel about a tragic heroine with the wonderful ability to see how you die when you touch her. What, you don’t think that would be an amazing ability? Obviously her parents don’t either because they send her to a juvenile detention center where she meets a boy with his own dark secrets, and a one-way ticket for her out of juvie.

She upgrades to a mansion where actual Olympic gods are vying for her powers, and she learns how to control her abilities that she finds out can do much more than just see how people die. The book ends on a pretty scream worth cliffhanger that will make you drop everything and immediately get book two.

The writing is solid, with strong characters who are, for obvious reasons, a bit dark. It’s good for Percy Jackson fans who would like something a little less PG, and a little more par-tee. The Greek mythology is smoothly mixed into the story, and doesn’t easily give away who-is-who. There’s a lot of tension and conflict, and our heroine has to decide who to fight with, and who to fight against.

Steamy scenes are not a problem with this book, as Kaidance doesn’t want to be touched for any reason. The Scarlet Thread currently has a 4.5 out of five stars rating on Amazon, and book two in the series, the Golden Shears, is thankfully available on Amazon.

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