The Newest Best Books For Teens in Paranormal Fantasy


I love a good scare.

You too? Curling up with a good ol’ vampire romp, or some sort of mutated circus, anything that puts a paranormal spin on the familiar. Twilight woke a lot of us up to the splendor that YA paranormal fantasy could provide, and many of us haven’t gone back to the “normal world”. Here are some of the best new young adult paranormal fantasy novels on the market.

Something like Voodoo by Rebecca Hamliton

Emily has a paranormal ability to predict the deaths of other people through her drawings. After moving to a new high school, a senior with his own abilities needs help dealing with the supernatural Sarah. The three become connected in unexpected ways in this young adult paranormal fantasy novel.

What do readers say?

High school is hard especially when you mistakenly make the wrong enemies. Emily never meant to piss off the school queen bee but she does when she befriends a handsome lonely boy. She walks into a voodoo curse gone wrong and puts her life in danger by the girl who killed her mother. Awesome book with twist and turns you don’t see coming.Julia M. Nix, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Instruments of the Angels (Hallows & Nephilim: Waters Dark and Deep #1) by Monica Leonelle

Brie van Rossum discovers that she is a descendant of humans and archangels, called Hallows. Like her recently deceased mother, she’s one of the last daughters of archangel Michael. She’s going to need her new paranormal powers, as she has to deal with her mothers enemies. Who can she trust? And can she keep her newfound identity secret from her brother, and the rest of her high school? The next book is out mid march.

What do readers say?

“Quick read for the start of a fantasy series focused the coming storm of a battle of angels and demons (well, okay, Hallows & Nephilim, but what’s in a name?) The only disappointment is that we have to wait for the sequel…in the meantime, be sure to click on the links in the link version of the novel; there’s a lot of fun stuff there.”Benfrew Meridians, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Sanctuary: A dark urban fantasy (Shifter Chronicles Book 1) by Melle Amade

Shae seems to like the wrong guy, Aiden, while Callum has barely said two words to her over the last year. As she learns more about the supernatural underworld within her small hometown, her safe and secure life begins to fall apart. Her own dark paranormal fury threatens to overtake her, and the worse part is that she may have to give into it just to save her friends and family. A young adult paranormal fantasy series with book two coming out later in March.

What do readers say?

I am always looking for books that suck me in and this one didn’t disappoint. I have read many different shifter books and this one is unique. I was left wondering about Shea’s family… will we learn more about her heritage in the next book? Will her brother have a bigger role? Her parents? Can’t wait for the next installment !!!!Andrea Romero, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Vampire: ANGEL – A Paranormal Vampire Novel (Vampire, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, The Grue Series Book 2) by Nancy Adams

Amber has become an Avenging Angel, a supernatural vigilante dealing justice to anyone that preys on the innocent. Her pantry is full of the foolish that cross her path. Vampires help her to understand her powers more every day, but she learns that others like her are feeding on children, and they’re strong. She can’t let this continue, but how can she stop them?

What do readers say?

Love the story and want more!A. Meringolo, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Court of Vampires (The Shifter Prophecy Book 1) by Megan Linski

Lysandra is Princess of vampires, and heir to Dracula’s throne. She’s engaged to a dark vampire prince, and prophesy says that she will end the war between vampires and werewolves. But what will happen when helps a dying werewolf, and then falls in love with him? Will the magical connection between them be their doom?

What do readers say?

Court of Vampires (The Shifter Prophecy #1) by Megan Linski is a great paranormal, fantasy book! If you like vamps, weres, shifters, magic, and romance thrown in, this is the book for you. It has it all plus action, adventure, and intrigue. What more does a fantasy reader need? Great read.Montzalee Wittmann, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Moon Rising: A Wolfland Novel: Four – Book Part Vampire and Wolf series. (The Wolfland Saga) by E.S. Night

Recurring dreams of the white wolf and his pack haunt Abigail every night. But on the twenty-third night, the dream wolf turns into a man with a name – Grayson Hale. Suddenly her town is turned upside down when the real Grayson and his family move to her small island in Sicily. As townspeople begin to die, Abigail is determined to discover what is going on. Will she destroy herself and her own family while trying to find the love of her dreams?

What do readers say?

“This was an interesting look at a star crossed love story with humans and werewolves. While it is fast passed the story flowed well. I think this is a great weekend read.Kindle Customer, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


The Vampire Gift 5: Whispers of Evil by E.M. Knight

This is book 5 in the YA paranormal fantasy series Whispers of Evil. The Haven vampires have their Queen back, and they plan to create a future of darkness. Anyone that stands in the Queen’s way will stand for judgment. One girl will come between everything to determine the fate of both humans and vampires. It’s time to battle.

What do readers say?

“What an incredible storyline! I’ve read the entire series so far, and the cliffhanger at the end of this book has me impatient for more! The series is well written and has kept me up late at night more than once because I just couldn’t stop reading!lioness32, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Soar (The Immortal Chronicles Book 3) by Sloane Murphy

A warrior must become something that she never wanted, a Princess. When the return of Addie’s mother doesn’t materialize into everything that she dreamt it would be, who will she be after all the chaos settles down? This is the third book in the YA paranormal fantasy series The Immortal Chronicles.

What do readers say?

Love the book …..can’t wait until the next book comes out. Your a gr re at writer ……..but that cliffhanger……Nina, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Scarlett’s father has arranged a marriage for her, and dreams of ever seeing the mythic performance of Caraval are over. But this year her dream may become a reality as the mysterious sailor Tella helps Scarlett, only for Tella to be kidnapped when they arrive. As Tella becomes the grand object of the elaborate performance, Scarlett must find her, and also find out how much of Caraval is illusion, and how much is real. One of the best books for teens.

What do readers say?

THIS is how you tell a story. Poetic prose and awesome world-building with a little bit of romance and family drama.The epilogue hints at further adventures, and I can’t wait to read more!Amazon Customer, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Lifeblood (An Everlife Novel) by Gena Showalter

Tenley just chose her realm in the Everlife, and now she will see if her rare supernatural ability to absorb light will keep her safe. Now in her Secondlife, she has to learn about her realm while fighting off enemies and launching her first mission: convincing select humans to join her before they die. Killian, who sacrificed everything for her happiness, is her competition. He can only get redemption if he beats Tenley. Will their feelings for each other spur them on? Or slow them down? The choice is Love, or victory. Book two in the young adult paranormal fantasy Everlife series.

What do readers say?

“Gena Showalter has been one of my favorite authors since I randomly picked up the first Lords of the Underworld book many years ago. Everything I have read since has been a wonderful read and I always know the next book will be just as amazing! Lifeblood did not disappoint and I am desperately awaiting book 3.Amanda, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Queen Alpha (NYC Mecca Series Book 2) by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve

Book two in the young adult paranormal fantasy NYC Mecca series, and book three comes out in April. Wolf Shifter Arianna has taken the crown, but something is wrong with the Mecca. She must call upon the king of the bears to save both her, and their people. Just one problem, the temptation between them is overwhelming and a relationship between them could ruin everything for her.

What do readers say?

“Just when I thought they couldn’t outdo themselves they go an prove me wrong. Queen Alpha was better than Queen Heir. It has everything that Leia Stone and JAYMIN Eve are known for action, and romance. This one however has everything I look for when reading a book conspiracy, lies, hidden secrets, forbidden love and sacrifice. If you’ve read Queen Heir than you’re going to love Queen Alpha and if you’re new to these two amazing authors then you’re in for a wild ride. Can not wait for Queen Fae now.Steven Smithen, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]

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