The Newest Best Books For Teens with Dystopian SciFi Stories


Admit it, we all like a good dystopian novel

It’s fun to imagine ourselves running through the wilderness with bow in hand, like Katniss and Gale, or exploring a huge maze like in The Maze Runner. Many of these YA worlds are just a few steps away from our own, like Chicago in the Divergent series. What would happen if just a few wrong words were said to the right people? As I write this article, our world is very much a place of conflict and constant change. We all know how they did it in some of the bestsellers like The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner. Check out some of the more recent dystopian best books for teens below and see how those heroes (and heroine) deal with it!

King’s Cage (Red Queen) by Victoria Aveyard

This third installment to the bestselling Red Queen series has it all. Mare Barrow is a prisoner of the boy she loved, now a King in control and causing havoc. Mare has had her lightning ability taken away, and her followers are preparing for a war that’s ready to explode. Plus the exiled prince that loves Mare is ready to kick some butt. Will he spring her free? And will there be anything left after the war? This is a fantastic young adult dystopian scifi series.

What do readers say?

“Way better than the 2nd book! The start was a little slow but necessary to match Mare’s psyche and development. All main characters had great development and it was very interesting to get a better look at what makes Maven such a psycho. Ending was both infuriating and heartbreaking. Can’t wait for the 4th!”Amazon Customer, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Frozen: A Stranded Novel by Theresa Shaver

I’m becoming a big fan of EMP dystopian novels. The instant loss of modern technology creates a lot of crazy problems. In this fifth installment of the story, a group of students trying to get home have made it back to their families, but their parents want to ignore how much their kids have changed from their journey. A deadly virus challenges the town to decide if they have what it takes to survive in a frozen wasteland.

What do readers say?

“Now I can’t wait for the next book in this series, Iced!!!! I don’t know how she does it, but Theresa Shaver weaves an amazing story every time! Just when you think the kids have got things all figured out, she comes up with another unbelievable twist! Can’t wait for the next book!”Patti Miller, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Age of Order by Julian North

This is a fun young adult read about a girl from the Bronx named Daniela. A plague means that you wouldn’t really want to live there, and neither does she. But she has an opportunity to attend an elite school in Manhattan, where she can enjoy the finest things in life. Of course, with all good things, there are the bad, and she quickly finds out that the highborn are not interested in sharing. Can she do something about it? Or will she decide to just sit pretty and fit in?

What do readers say?

“An excellent dystopian/sci-fi thriller. I saw echoes of books like Brave New World and 1984 as well as recent pop fare like Harry Potter. The author is a great storyteller, hitting just the right pace at each place in the story. I liked the writing style. What sets this apart from other books in the genre is the characters, who are far more realistically drawn than in similar dystopians, and the well-drawn mysteries in the plot. I received an ARC from the author.”Kevin T. Medina, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


State of Allegiance (Collapse Series Book 9) by Summer Lane

Cassidy Hart has been through a lot in this series, and this story is no exception. A nuclear disaster has become a possible reality, and that means leaving the naval station in San Diego for the Pacific Rim. Will Cassidy and her team be able to take hold of the weapon that could swing the power pendulum back towards the militia? Before nuclear apocalypse? Or will all their hope be lost? Everything about this series screams dystopian scifi.

What do readers say?

“This series just keeps getting better and better. Summer Lane has kept her characters true to their original “selves” yet they also keep growing and solidifying. I feel like I am a part of the story and action, that the characters are my friends and cohorts. An amazing author and storyteller! Cannot wait for the next book!!”SLM, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Rebellion (The 100 Series Book 4) by Kass Morgan

This series is now a tv show on CW. In book 4, a group of unruly teens have now become the leaders of their people. Now a cult threatens to destroy everything that they have built. Do you think these teenagers will stand for it? Heroine Clarke plans to save her captured friends, but not all the remaining teens agree with it. In fact, some of them have a plan of their own. Time ticks away as the captured teens wait for the rest of the team to pull together and remember what’s most important. This is a great young adult dystopian scifi book series that gives so much more than the tv show.

What do readers say?

“The amazing sci-fi world of The 100 is doubly rewarding to fans, having two parallel stories to follow. If you love the CW series, you can safely enjoy the books as well, because the stories diverged so completely early on, you have nothing to fear.

This latest entry is a nail-biter. Our heroes are captured by an army that might actually be more terrifying than Mount Weather. You’ll start to relax at a certain point, only to have the world turn scarier again. I look forward to more of this series.” –Dana Sweeney, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


The Gender Game 4: The Gender War by Bella Forrest

This dystopia series features a war devastated United States of America, with only two remaining states that feature one being ruled by a queen, and one ruled by a king. The respective female and male parties of each state have opposing views, pointing fingers at each other for everything political and otherwise. A small group of teens will rival against the king and the queen. Will the madness end?

What do readers say?

“I loved this series. Strange concept but it works very well. Just finished book four and immediately pr-ordered book 5. Can’t hardly wait to see what calamity Violet and Viggo run into next. My hats off to Bella Forrest, you took a strange concept and produced an exceptional series. Bring on book 5.”End of Trail, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Prescient: A Time Travel Dystopia by Derek Murphy

Time travel and dystopian, two of my favorite types of fiction novels. Alicia can time travel, and she’s really in a pickle. After learning about the upcoming end of the world, should she do something about it? Or should she spend the last few years of humanity with her boyfriend? The fact that her boyfriend’s father is the likely cause of the coming apocalypse plays into this story in a really creative way. She has the power, but does she have the strength? Even if that means losing the one person she wants the most?

What do readers say?

Wow! Time travel normally isn’t my thing, but I’ve had the honor of reading a couple of indie authors who are changing that. One is of course Melanie Hoo’s Flicker series (which I reviewed also). The other is now Derek Murphy and Prescient!

Alicia discovers her unique ability at a party while trying to impress her crush. What follows is a Netflix series-worthy tale that doesn’t let up – even when you reach the end of the book! A cross between Scooby Gang present moments and GMO inspired monster dystopia, I followed Alicia on this crazy ride. It’s full of twists and turns while remaining understandable and relatable. I can’t wait for book two!” –MamaPete, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Nameless: Book Three in the Enhanced Series by T.C. Edge

This is the third book in the series, and the fourth book is coming out this month. Brie is on an impossible mission that’s about to get worse. Waking up outside the city walls, she has to figure out how to get back in. Toxic mist, and a determined enemy will slow her down. How will she find her way back? And how will she get back in? Check out the entire YA series.

What do readers say?

“This series sucked me in, for real. I have to be up in a few hours but had to finish the latest installment. There’s a fair bit of violence, no sex, and very little gore, but I’m super duper hooked on this series. A strong female lead who wants/needs to change the world. Fortunately, she’s got superpowers and friends that just may help her succeed. Two thumbs up for intense scenes and an intriguing story.” –Achicana24, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


RUGOSA: A survival story from Omaha to London by Creek Stewart

Omaha lives in a dystopian United States that traded it’s debt for sovereignty. The World Union Government is in charge, and it’s tearing the resources from cities, including the people that live there. Omaha is forced to take action when a government general comes between him and his girlfriend. Leaving his family with a backpack of supplies and a slingshot, he goes after his girlfriend. Does he have what it takes?

What do readers say?

“I am a fan of Creek Stewart and was looking forward to his first novel, Rugosa. Well it finally arrived and I liked it a lot. It was a good dystopian future novel that sneaked in many good survival skill tips. I liked the skills part because they were great info. but didn’t take me out of the story, Creek managed to integrate the tips so they really feel a part of the book. All in all a really good read.” –patrick t christman, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Hornet’s Nest: A Post Apocalyptic EMP Survival Fiction Series by Bobby Akart

Another EMP Dystopian novel that makes me hope for more in this series. This is book five, and it doesn’t disappoint. Coach Casey and his team called the Tigers will help the town deal with a problem that has been present for several decades. How well will they band together and solve the problem? And if they can overcome the odds, how will they continue to deal with the aftermath of a crazy huge solar flare?

What do readers say?

“This series just keeps getting better and better! Think you’d be willing to follow a 15 year old girl into battle??? I bet you would if that girl was Alex, I know I would! Thanks to Bobby Akart, we see just how much common sense our kids can have, if only we would teach them. This book, and the series have so many highs and lows, it’s quite the emotional roller coaster! I gotta say though, I wanted to kick somebody’s a$$ at the end of this one. Definitely a 5 star book by a 5 star author!” –Colt Payne, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]


Paper and Fire (The Great Library) by Rachel Caine

This is the second book of young adult dystopian scifi Great Library series, and the third book is coming out in July. All the knowledge in the world is controlled by The Great Library. In the name of “the greater good”, a private citizen cannot own books anymore. Jess has been inducted into The Great Library, but it’s not what he expected. His girlfriend is a prisoner in a tower, and he lost his best friend. Jess will have to choose between being loyal to The Great Library, to his friends, or to his family. London is in flames, what will he choose?

What do readers say?

I was greatly impressed with the first book, and that continued with the second. Great characters, great story, great setting and great political system. My regret is having to wait for the next installment.” –Amazon Customer, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]

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