Prophecy Awakened Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel Review

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Prophecy Awakened, Book One of the Prime Prophecy Series by Tamar Sloan, is a young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy novel that features our protagonist Eden, who has a better way with animals than she has with people. I wouldn’t call her a popular girl at school.

Noah, the guy that she meets, is frustrated because he isn’t walking in the hairy shoes of his ancestors yet. He’s running a little behind on the maturing wolf schedule, but all that could change with his instant connection to Eden. That is, if she can be tamed by his wolfish charm. There’s a prophecy to be made, and whenever there’s a good prophecy, you know there’s going to be some shady characters that want to cash in on the fun.

The romance is clean and continuous in this book, and the pace becomes faster as the story becomes deeper. There are several well developed characters in the book besides Eden and Noah, and the different families involved help to provide a lot of depth.

The writing is good and you will find it a fun read. It currently has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, and the second book in the series recently became available as well.

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