Ignite Young Adult Urban Fantasy Book Review

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Click HERE to win Ignite for free!

Ignite, The Bound Ones Book 1 by Tricia Barr is a young adult paranormal and urban fantasy novel about Phoenyx, who is a fire elemental who finds herself shut up in a room with three of the other elementals, which are water, earth and air if you don’t spend your afternoons watching The Last Airbender cartoon. With your kids of course.

The four of them have been captured for a sacrifice during the coming solar storm, and Phoenyx discovers that Sebastian and her have a romance that has stood the test of time for centuries, as they are fated to love each other every time that they are reborn. Some of us guys could get a few pointers from Sebastian on how to make a relationship last, eh?

After the pleasant introductions, the four of them must learn to master their elemental powers if they want to have any chance of escaping. If they lose, they forfeit both their lives, and their souls.

This tale has some welcomed humor and suspense mixed in, with a surprising amount of action for a story that mostly takes place in captivity. There are some pleasant surprises, and a fair amount of teenage tension between the characters that shows how each of them deal with their new prison. It currently has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, and the second and final book in the series, Submerge, is also available.


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