Hidden Magic Young Adult Paranormal Romance Book Review

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Click HERE to win Hidden Magic for free!

Hidden Magic, The Ancient Magic Series Book One, by Stephany Wallace is a new adult paranormal romance and fantasy novel with one of those brooding hunks that are perfect and could only come out of a fairytale. That’s because he probably did come out of a fairytale that our heroine Bri has imagined.

At first she can’t believe it, but eventually she realizes that this guy Cyn is the real deal and everything that she’s dreamed of. Plus he just happens to be a two-thousand year old Celtic warrior that can use druid magic. He’s hunting for a man that can lead the druid clan, but instead he finds a very imaginative woman with her own kind of spells. Will magical hi-jinks ensue?

This story is a lot of fun. It makes you laugh in a few places, and it really draws you in. Our protagonist is in her mid-twenties and it runs a bit on the steamier side of paranormal romance, so it’s more for adult readers. The writing is enjoyable and after the beginning, the story moves along at a good pace.

There are several other characters with their own magical abilities that keep things interesting, including some of Cyn’s old Celtic enemies. It currently has a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, and the three sequels including the fourth book which just came a couple of weeks ago, are also available.

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