Free Young Adult Book Wednesdays 12/13/2017


Baby, it’s cold outside (at least where I’m at), so curl up with some of these discounted and free young adult books and giveaways. Remember to let the authors know what you thought of their books by leaving a review.

Mystical Lands. Epic Adventure. Enchanting Characters.

FIRE & FANTASY will have your imagination soaring as you charge headfirst into this enchanting collection of 20+ brand new and existing fantasy reads packed with daring quests, bewitching legends, and dark magic!

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She’s an orphan, an outcast, and … Immortal.
Allie Carmichael has never known true friendship. Even those closest to her can’t stand to be near her. When she learns her family will be moving from Australia to the United States, Allie prepares for life as a loner on the other side of the world…

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TWILIGHT MEETS ALADDIN in this addicting new fantasy series by USA Today bestselling author Michelle Madow!

He’s a vampire prince. She’s a human blood slave. They should be enemies… but uniting might be their only hope to prevent a supernatural war.

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Things in Northern New Jersey just got a little more intense for Angela Tanner.

She is a Witch who hasn’t come into her powers yet, but things go full speed ahead when her father is accused of a crime he didn’t commit…

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Moon Flight is a young adult paranormal romance series about the dangers of love where the world of witches crosses over into the realm of vampires. 16-year-old Celeste’s life was literally thrown upside down when she found herself crawling across her attic ceiling. Even worse, her high school crush Gregory saw it happen, and now he thinks she’s a freak…

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Magic. Mayhem. One girl to save the world, or end it…
Siri Alvarsson just moved to a new town with her mom, she’s met a gorgeous guy she’d like to trust, and she’s having strange visions. Suddenly, she’s thrust into an unseen war going on between the Light and the Dark and a world she never even knew existed…

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Three months after her cousin Toni died, Cassie is still reeling.

Toni’s best friend now ignores her in the halls. Cassie’s cousin is dating the girl who torments her in gym. And Cassie has maybe a teeny-tiny crush on the boy who pulled Toni’s body out of the river. Then Toni’s ghost visits Cassie and reveals that in two nights, a powerful EF3 tornado will rip into a dance hall, killing those three kids…

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Everything changed on the night of the Olympian Comet.

I’ve always known that I’m a witch. But I didn’t expect to discover that I have a mysterious power unheard of amongst my kind. My best friend Garrett — who I’ve secretly been wanting to become more than a friend — has one of these powers too.

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Monster Island is a Young Adult mystery thriller where the pages practically turn themselves. Readers who like Maze Runner and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will devour this action-packed tale.

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A total of 37 Fantasy books, completely for free!

This is a great collection, but it’s just for a short time.

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52 YA novels, one for every day of the week!

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Holiday Big Box Giveaway Includes:

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy

  • Signed Roar by Cora Carmack
  • First two books in AJ Flower’s Celestial Trilogy–book two signed
  • Imagine by Jenna Greene
  • A fancy Angel Wing Necklace
  • A pretty gold feather bookmark
  • and possibly other secret surprises!

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Win a Kindle Paperwhite E-reader!

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20 epic vampire novels, and a vampire Hunting Kit!

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  1. Amazing opportunity for plenty of reader’s to grab their free book’s for Christmas along with meeting some special New Author’s. Thankyou for the chance to participate.

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