Epic Wednesdays 12/27/2017

Yea for vacation!

My vacation includes a second Christmas party, seeing extended family, and editing. I’m busy, so the pickings are a little slimmer than usual. But the books are even better than usual, so it’s a trade off. And if you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas, you still have a chance to win an Amazon gift card, and an Amazon Fire!

High-tech gaming and ancient magic collide when a computer game opens a gateway to the treacherous Realm of Faerie.

Jennet Carter never thought hacking into her dad’s new epic-fantasy sim-game would be so exciting… or dangerous…

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Alone, on the run, and fighting for her life.

Sloane Murphy thought hiking the Grand Canyon alone after graduation would be an awesome adventure. Until she slips and starts to plummet to her death. Then the unthinkable happens. She transforms into… a dragon…


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Cat Lau’s world turns upside down when her father and brothers return home without her mother.

Life on the Crossroads is always perilous and sudden death a constant threat. Her mother died in battle, but no one will tell her how or why.

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Some things are only meant to exist in nightmares, but now I know the truth. Vampires are real. And I’m one of them…

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“I never meant to become a witch. But when someone you love dies, logic and reason die with them.”

Sebastian Blackwell is your typical high school popular kid: attractive, charming, and a little rebellious. At least he used to be. But when his parents are killed in a freak accident, he goes from cool kid to orphan outcast before the dirt even settles over their graves…

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In this action-packed, paranormal fantasy romance about two coming-of-age would-be lovers, Kyra and Sebastian’s union and strength of character will be put to the ultimate test. The stakes? Everything and everyone that ever mattered to them.

He walked into Hell’s fire for me. I would burn the world for him. I’d even give up my dragon…

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Every warrior has his weakness.

Logan has it all—friends, popularity, girls—but his perfect life isn’t all he imagined. When one mistake leads to his untimely arrival in the afterlife, he becomes a weapon against the evil that lurks on Earth…

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Sarah J Maas YA Fantasy Books Giveaway

One lucky reader will win a pre-order of the upcoming A Court of Frost and Starlight, your choice of any one of her other books, the coloring books to go with both series, and a ”You could rattle the stars” necklace.

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