Ash Young Adult Urban Fantasy Book Review

Click HERE to win Ash for free!

Click HERE to win Ash for free!

Ash, Hive Trilogy Book One, by Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone is a new adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy novel that asks the question, “what if you found out that you were the only female offspring ever born out of mixed vampire-human relationships?”

Would you A) Become the newest volunteer at the red cross, B) Invite grandma over for dinner, or C) Join the party at where all the other half-vamps are hanging out. “C” Sounds pretty good since you’re the only girl. Of course the place where they all stay is super cramped, so you will have to train for “The Culling” which thins the herd, but hey, are the half-vampire guys super attractive or what!

Charlie, the first female Ash, is tough as nails but she will need some help if she’s going to become a member of the community at the Hive. Luckily she’s got beauty as well as brawn, so one of the lead enforcers takes a personal interest in her. Do you think that’s going to cause some story telling down at the water cooler? There is some romance, but not a ton, so it won’t cause too much gossip.

The plot will keep you interested, and all the vampiric action keeps things moving along at a good pace. It currently has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, and the two following books are available on Amazon as well.

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