Welcome! I’m Cory Reynolds, and Epic YA is all about my favorite books.

The young adult market has always been around, but in the last two decades it has really sprung to life. Popular YA books like Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger Games series have all helped to expand the YA section of your local library into a thriving selection of teen fiction. As an author learning to write YA novels, I try to read the best young adult books. I mostly focus on more recent publications, like Percy Jackson, and the Wheel of Time series. But I’ll occasionally review classics like Lord of the Flies, and Alice In Wonderland.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite genre.

Whether it’s dystopian, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, or any of the other genre’s, I enjoy a book that sucks me into another world. So those are also the kinds of books that I enjoy writing. My childhood provided me with the opportunity to travel and try new things. Adventures were more than something that I just read about or watched on the movie screen. Combine my experiences with an active imagination, and I’m hopefully beginning to write some fantastic YA fiction that you will enjoy reading. Of course, I always want to become a better writer.

You can help by becoming a beta reader.

If you enjoy reading YA books, then become a beta reader by signing up for my free books. Currently I have several that I’m working on, and as they move closer to completion, you will have the chance to read and comment on them before they’re published. While I won’t earn any income by giving away my books to read, I’ll gain priceless feedback from you that will help me to become a better story teller. See my free books.